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Fiddleride (2011)

Clarke Wright's first solo CD, “Fiddleride” was made with help from his hugely talented friends. It has Western Swing and Bluegrass standards as well as some originals. He picks guitar on a couple of songs too.


“What a Fiddleride it has been creating this CD. Selecting the 14 songs was hard to narrow down, but there was no debate about who I wanted to pick with on them.”

Song List

1.  Big Beaver  (Bob Wills) 3:20

2. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love  (Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields) 3:52

3. Forked Deer / Fishers Hornpipe  (Traditional) 3:28

4. Westphalia Waltz  (Cotton Collins) 4:36

5. Pawn Shoppe Special  (Traditional,
Arr. Clarke Wright) 4:53

6. Temptation Rag  (Henry Lodge) 2:34

7. Dance of the Goldenrod (John H. Tower) 2:56

8. Gimme Five  (Clarke Wright) 3:11

9. Hamilton County Breakdown(Traditional) 2:50

10. One Six Right  (Nathan Wang) 4:00

11. Mississippi Sawyer / St. Anne’s Reel  (Traditional) 4:26

12. Hot Potato  (Clarke Wright) 2:59

13. East Tennessee  (Traditional) 3:13

14. Till Then  (Eddie Seller, Sol Marcus and Guy Wood) 2:22


Total Time 48:58

(c)2011 Clarke Wright


Last Round-Up (2019)

HWH's farewell recording is a mixture of Western Swing, Bluegrass and Cowboy music, including two original songs.  It also features three songs by our song-writer hero, Cindy Walker.  

Clarke Wright: Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Fiddle, vocals

G. Fred Swanson; Vocals, Bass Fiddle, Guitar

EP Davis: Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Steel Guitar, vocals

Special Guests: Ernie Martinez on Steel Guitar and Dobro, Glenn Zankey on Vocals, Dave Dale on Bass Fiddle and Kevin Packard on Piano.

Blue Bonnet Lane
Fireball Mail
De Blanco
It’s All Your Fault
Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail
Long Dark Night
Lusty Glaze
Pecos Bill
Dixie Breakdown
Blue Canadian Rockies

Produced by EP Davis & Clarke Wright

Recorded at North Wimpole in fort Collins, Colorado

Mastered by EP Davis at Haleep, Hanalei, Hawaii


Hollywood Rodeo Band (2014)

"Cowboy-Bluegrass Honky-tonk Dancehall Music"

This CD is the best of four Cassette albums that were recorded in the 1980s at Colorado Sound in Denver. The tracks were remastered by David Glasser at Airshow in Boulder, Colorado

These recordings were made "Studio Live" in the mid 1980s. There were no overdubs, remixes, auto-tune, "punches" or other modern studio tricks. What you hear on this CD is what we sounded like live in a dance hall, concert or any live situation. By recording in this manner, we captured the energy of a live performance in the studio. Each of the four albums from which these tracks are taken, was recorded in one day. 

The HRB featured original songs, mostly written by Matt Clayton and G. Fred Swanson, as well as many covers of classic Country and Rock-a-Billy dance tunes.  

  1. Fading Romance 2:32

  2. Like The First Time 3:11

  3. All My Love 3:19

  4. Western Sky 2:34

  5. Ridin' Down The Rio Grande 2:50

  6. Mexicali Rose 3:38

  7. Dear Old Dixie 1:53

  8. In A Matter Of Time 3:23

  9. The Calico Angel 2:43

  10. What Are You Going To Do Then? 2:04

  11. Just Like Long Ago 3:28

  12. Hot Potato Breakdown 1:49

  13. On The Western Trail 2:39

  14. My Saddle Pals And I 1:53

  15. Jingle Jangle Jingle 3:18

  16. Tired Of Dreaming On You

  17. Along The Navajo Trail 2:39

  18. Hamilton County Breakdown 2:28

  19. Along The Navajo Trail 2:39

  20. Stampede 2:47

  21. All Over Again 3:54

  22. We Can Make A Wrong Thing Turn Out Right 3:43

  23. Lights Of Cheyenne 3:14

Produced by EP Davis & Clarke Wright

Dreamer’s Lullaby (2001)

Mostly original tunes written by G. Fred Swanson.  Great Steel Guitar by Ernie Martinez. Dreamy and mellow


I’ll Love You Till The End Of Time

Here I Am, There I Go

Dreamer’s Lullaby


Only You Can Make Love Stay

Little Red Wagon

Calling Me Back Home

Never Sunshine, Always Rain

I Want To Be With You


Dreamer’s Farewell

High, Wide and Handsome (1998)

Great classic country and bluegrass. Recorded by Charles Sawtelle at Rancho DeVille.  Special guests: Ernie Martinez on Steel, Jo Gable on Accordion and Mollie O’Brien, courtesy of Sugar Hill Records.


One Dozen Roses

My Hillbilly Gal

Soldiers Joy

Doggone Cowboy

Cowbell Polka

Western Sky

Will You Be Loving Another Man?


Down The Trail To San Antoine

Jerusalem Ridge

Lights of Old Santa Fe

Thunder and Lightning

Recording History

1972 - 1975: David Ferretta’s Sunday River Bluegrass Show

LP “You Can Dress Um Up” Biscuit City Records


1975 - 1976: Silverball Country Band

45 RMP Record “Mexico“ flip side “Togary Mountain”


1977 - 1995: Hollywood Rodeo Band

LP “I Haven’t Learned a Thing” 1983

CLP “On The Western Trail” 1985

CLP “Saddle Up” 1986

CLP “Fading Romance” 1986

45 RPM “Fading Romance” 1986

CLP “Born Ready” 1987

CLP “Looking At The World” 1991

CD “The Essential Hollywood Rodeo Band, Volume I” 1994

1996 - 2009: High, Wide and Handsome

CD “High, Wide and Handsome” 1998 Recorded by Charles Sawtelle, Rancho DeVille

CD “Dreamer’s Lullaby” 2001

CD “Lusty Glaze” 2004

CD "Last Roundup" 2019

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