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Stardust Melodies

Beth and Clarke

Clarke has teamed up with his wife, Beth, to bring classic tunes to those who enjoy them most, listeners of all ages, but particularly those with more "mature" tastes. These songs, as the name suggests, like STARDUST, MOONLIGHT SERENADE, CHEEK to CHEEK and more, are the instantly recognizable links to the fond memories of yesterday and the promises of a hopeful tomorrow. Here's how it began:

While attending a Western Swing Festival in New Mexico in 2009, I (Clarke) bought a 5-string fiddle, thinking that it would be a snap to play.  When we got it home from our trip, I discovered that this new instrument was harder to play than I thought it would be. 

After struggling a little in my practice area, my wife of 19 plus years, Beth, ask me if she could help by relearning a few basic chords.  She had played guitar in her teens and twenties but had not played for several decades (and never professionally), including all our married life up to that time.  I had asked her many times over the years to pick up a guitar again, but nothing could convince her. This was a huge step forward for her.  We started out with basic chords so she could play along with some bluegrass tunes and help me practice playing this fiddle.  That was the start of our adventure.

Since then, we have been playing music together for our personal enjoyment. Beth showed great interest in many classic tunes, but there were many more chords, some easy and some difficult, that she would need to learn.  With some thoughtful charting of chords, we have found many great tunes to play together, and it turns out that many of our friends and family enjoy listening to what we do. 

In the last few years Beth has “stepped out” onto the small stage, and we have entertained many appreciative and enthusiastic audiences.  The melodies that we play on fiddle and guitar(s), are songs mostly from the 1950s and older, and we call them "Stardust Melodies," for lack of a better term.  We have found that people of the "Greatest Generation" are the ones who enjoy our music most; however, we have been pleasantly surprised to hear inspiring comments from even millennials and younger, proving that good music is both timeless and ageless.


Our totally acoustic show is very ear friendly, and an intimate setting allows for personable, audience interaction. One of our greatest joys is to play together and for others, so we hope to share our music with more and more listeners. 

We've been playing some shows that need amplification, so we are providing so YouTube linked samples of our tunes.


If you'd like to have us entertain your guests, give me a call to schedule.


  We are proud to have collaboration with Whippoorwill Arts!

Read what listeners say:

  • Thank you do much for playing and entertaining at my retirement.  Loved your song choices and you even played a request.  Loved the song you changed the lyrics for my retirement.  Everyone loved you both!" - Pam M

  • "Music like yours is like medicine for the soul!" - Brookdale Resident

  • Thank you and Clarke for sharing your gifts of music! As I looked around there were so many smiles and many people singing along...even many from the memory care side.  Music is so important. Thank you 😊💖. Sally K

  • "You two have class!"

  • "When mother said how much she would love if you two could come play for her birthday party, I knew I had the prefect present.  Thank you so much for agreeing to do this.  We appreciate your making this a present Mom will never forget." - S&R

  • "I look forward to seeing you and hearing your wonderful music!"

  • "On our Anniversary this year, I was reminded of last year's anniversary when you sang and played for us at our party.  It was such a treat!  Thank you!  You made our celebration! - L&P

  • "We enjoyed your music! Hope to see you and listen to your beautiful music again! It was so nice to meet you!" ~Carol

  • "Thank you for the delightful concert!" ~ Phyllis B

  • "Ron only attends the music program when you two are here!"

  • "Your music was the highlight of our party."  - J&B

  • "When you leave our community after a concert, our folks continue to talk about you afterward and look forward to your return.  This is really wonderful to see. " - Clare Bridge staff member

  • "Many thanks for coming to play for us. We enjoyed seeing you again and especially the music!  Our favorite is always you and Clarke together of course.  What a team!  Until we meet again!  ~D and H"

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